Free Android SSTV Encoder/Decoder Software

Page last updated on: Monday, January 19, 2015

Ahmet Inan and his wife, Olga Miller, have teamed up to develop some very nice open source SSTV software for Android devices.

Olga has written the “SSTV Encoder” while Ahmet wrote the SSTV Decoder named, “Robot36 – SSTV Image Decoder”.

Ahmet says he would like to keep the name Robot36 even though the app is able to decode more than just the Robot36 as a great respect for the Robot engineers who developed the awesome Robot36 mode.

It currently supports the following modes:
Robot Modes: 36 & 72
Martin Modes: 1 & 2
Scottie Modes: 1, 2 & DX
Wrasse Modes: SC2 180

“Robot36 – SSTV Image Decoder” is available for free on Google Play and also via GitHub.



Ahmet created the “Robot36 SSTV Alpha Testers” Community, which you can join and help test prebuilt apk’s from the Google Play Store for free:

Olga’s free open source SSTV Encoder:

Originele URL: