About the digital signals in Slow Scan Radio

Slow Scan Radio is a broadcast with several kinds of data. All data are auto-switching, so you don’t have to switch yourself. To be sure, with all data, we send all codes twice, in case the first time a code is distorted or down in the QSB.

We send both data (text) and SSTV images in the show. For the data Fldigi is the best choice, simply because ist is also used to make the show. Be sure to switch on the RxID on the top right part of the Fldigi screen, and set the frequency in the waterfall around 1500 Hz (the last, most of the time isn’t necessary). From that moment on the data will switch automatically, including the hellschreiber part at the end of the show.

About SSTV: all modern SSTV program’s and apps for smartphone, either Android or iOS are autoswitching, and with any reasonable signal strength they should choose the proper mode themselves, even if you switch on as the image has already begun.

Fldigi can be downloaded here: http://www.w1hkj.com/

There is also a version of Fldigi (called Flmsg) for Android. That one doesn’t support all mode’s that are used in the show though (it does support most of them), but it is also auto-switching.

There are several good program’s for SSTV. I use mostly MMSSTV or QSSTV. The first is for Windows, the second for Linux (available in Synaptic and via apt). For Android the app Robot36 is a good choice and for iOS CQ SSTV. It will even work in most cases by simply holding your smartphone before the speaker of the receiver. (Keep the distance short, and the audio volume very low, to prevent “ghost” images, caused by the audio reflecting to the walls of the room you are in!) Most of the time the smartphone apps will work even better than the PC program’s.

URL to download MMSSTV: http://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php

Slow Scan Radio is back!

After a small break of two weeks in our programming, we’re back today, October 17, with 11 SSTV images, all in PD-mode’s. We start 20.30 CET (1830 UTC), with after the announcement first MFSK64, and then auto switching several other data mode’s. Tonicht 2030 CET on 6070 kHz AM.

Daily Minutes social media!

Especially for the (Dutch) Daily Minutes broadcast and the other English broadcasts now there is open sourc and non-commercial social media. Daily Minutes and Slow Scan Radio now have an own social media server within the Mastodon network, which let’s it function on many other servers world wide. And this all works without you being spied on!

You can join it by making an account at https://wokka.be

Bringing the show to WRMI

At the beginning of Slow Scan Radio, some nine weeks ago, I said I would try to get our show to WRMI every 4 weeks, so that it could also be received in the USA. Most probably a signal from there with 100 kW can also be received in Europa.

After that, I received several requests to make that a weekly event. The only way for me to accomplish that is with the help of some sponsoring by our listeners. So that is what I am going to humbly ask you for here.

If you want to take part in this and support the effort for a time slot for the show at the transmitters of WRMI each week, you can donate to enable us to bring the show on the air at WRMI that way. This can be done by PayPal at our regular mail address x@xdv.me. A small amount will be ok, especially if you would want to repeat that for some time at a later instance.

I have reserved a starting amount for broadcasting the show 6 times myself to begin with. So if I am able to have enough people supporting this, we can start broadcasting from Florida each week at least for several weeks and hopefully much longer. If I don’t succeed in getting together the amount for a weekly broadcast, then I will stay with the original plan of broadcasting from Florida once every four weeks at least for several months.



Slow Scan Radio sponsoring plan

We are planning to do a broadcast of the show from the location of WRMI near Miami, at least every four weeks.

For that we are considering opening some kind of listener sponsorship to be able to do such a broadcast from Miami every week instead of once every four weeks.

One possibility we are considering at the moment is to open the possibility of a patronship via www.patreon.com to enable us to do this.

In addition to that we are open to company’s sponsoring such shows. If you are interested, please let us know on our mail addres x@xdv.me

You can also send your phone number so we can call you back.