DX Headlines text and data Sunday +/- 01:39 UTC 9925 kHz

Sunday DX Headlines will experiment with Slow Hell at 144 Hz. Another invention from before WW2. Hellschreiber was invented in Germany by Rudolf Hell in the late 1920’s. It came into use in the early 1930’s. Because it doesn’t have a fixed character set, it rather transmits small images for each character, the system also gained some popularity in Asia.
For some reason Slow Hell doesn’t have a Reed-Solomon code in Fldigi, so you will have to set Fldigi manually (to Slow Hell @144 Hz). This is a really slow one, but I estimate it will probably work quite well, partly because of the higher audio frequency and partly because the Hellschreiber is such a good system.
Sunday +/- 01:39 UTC 9925 kHz on shortwave radio, targetting US and Canada from Germany.

Some more charts

Luxembourg is doing really bad. Clearly going towards a second peak.

Looking at the charts for Luxembourg however you can see that the beginning of the second rising looks eerily similar to the chatt of yesterday of the Netherlands.

A second peak generally develops within 10 days or so. That would mean that the Netherlands could be in the stage where Luxembourg is now within 8 days.

Realizing this, is quite shocking. The image of today however doesn’t have to mean that a second peak in the Netherlands is imminent. It could just as well mean that this is a normal temporated rise due to the lifting of some measures on July 1st.

Luxembourg, blue line is repdoduction: positive is rise, below the zero line is decline. Feb 5 to 28 July

Netherlands, people (still) ill Feb 5 to 28 July


Netherlands, blue line is repdoduction: positive is rise, below the zero line is decline. Feb 5 to 28 July

State of the Pandemic (Netherlands, update)

Charts are from 5 Feb until 25 July 2020

The blue line in the chart below stands for the reproduction number of the virus in the country. If above zero, numbers ar on the rise, if below zero they decline. Blue line of the chart below is an immediate sign for what is happening. They work out in the first chart within 1,5 to 2 weeks because of the incubation time.