First transmission of Emergency Radio

Very pertinently no April Fools prank (!!): tomorrow (wednesday 4/1) is the start of the Emergency Radio Ham Radio News bulletins twice a day on 49  and 41 meter.

Each bulletin is 5 minutes, at least the first week, the first half in English, the second in Dutch. Later maybe only English.

Schedule for the next month is as follows:

1700 UTC, both on 7310 kHz and 6005 kHz. (AM)

0800 UTC 7310 kHz only. Rerun of the news from the night before.

Bulletins in this form will at least run all month in April, if succesful it will be prolongued.

There will be a (simple) web site:, mail address:

Estemate by Voacap of the range of 7310 kHz at the time of the bulletins: