Next Slow Scan Radio is at August 1, 1830 UTC

Slow Scan Radio brings you several SSTV images and several minutes of data via short wave radio in AM. We are on 6070 kHz via Channel 292 each Wednesday, 1830 UTC, which is 2030 Central European Summertime.

Next show we will start with a digital overview of which SSTV modes and data types we will bring, so you will know those details beforehand in case you want to do those settings manually. We will transmit that list in MFSK64 and most probably also in PSK63R with 32 carriers.

Response to the first broadcast by the way was quite overwhelming. Everyone thanks for mailing your reports and comments on the show! It is very much appreciated!! (Mail Address you can find on the right side of this page, almost at the start of the page.)

Software and Apps to Decode the Images and Data in the show

Most recent software packages for SSTV on ham radio bands will work fine. I use both MMSSTV and QSSTV myself for the show (the first is a Windows program that does work fine under Wine on Debian Ubuntu, Mint et cetera. QSSTV is native for Linux and can be installed on many systems using package managers (for instance Synaptic) or using apt-get or similar when using a terminal window.

If you have Android than the app “Robot 36” is a good choice, on iOS you can use CQ SSTV.

The apps often even perform better, especially with QRM than the PC programms. I have no idea why.

If you can choose to use an audio cable, then do! You might however have fairly good result with a microphone for the receiver speaker. Please keep the distance between speaker and mic as short as possible, and also use the lowest audio level that will work. Too much audio causes “ghost” images (pictures that are vageu and have double edges), because of reflections of the audio in the room where you are.


For the data I use Fldigi. Other choices will also work in most cases. Some modes might not be in other programs or might be exclusive for Fldigi. The same as with SSTV goes for data concerning using an audio cable. But the faster mode’s might only work using such a cable.

There also is an Android version of Fldigi, which has a somewhat limited operation, this app is called AndFlmsg.



Fldigi for PC:

Android version: